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Live Probiotic Coconut Oil 50ml


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Live probiotic coconut oil is an effective skin hydrator, and contains antimicrobial fatty acids and skin regenerating plant actives.


THIS rare, silky-smooth virgin coconut oil is hand-made in  the traditional way from fresh coconut milk.

The unique processing method  of hand-squeezing, natural fermentation & aging means it is extra rich in skin-nourishing, antioxidant-rich plant actives like ferulic, gallic & caffeic acids.



WE directly support the livelihood of family coconut growers through direct-trade relationships, paying double the normal price for hand-picked, organically village-grown coconuts.

100% of profit funds the sustainable development of poor communities in Kampot & scaling Ethos so we can grow our social impact.

Glass packaging for infinite recyclability.

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Natural moisturiser: Massage a small amount into damp skin  eg after shower (moisture + coconut oil absorbs into the  skin better). Alternatively, mix coconut oil in the palm of your hand with a spritz of your favourite skin mist, or a couple of drops of water or moisturiser before applying to skin.  

Skin repair: Soothe mild skin irritations by applying 2-3 times a day, daily for several weeks. Best used overnight & cover the area if possible. Adding a drop of moisturiser helps it adhere to the skin better.  


Patch test first & discontinue if new irritation occurs. Avoid using on face if prone to skin breakouts. In cooler temperatures, leave in a warm place to soften before using, or use a warmed spoon.

* Trinity Bioactives 2020


Use a clean dry spoon in the jar. Avoid getting any water in the jar to keep its freshness.

Store in a cool, dark place with the lid firmly on. In warm temperatures it may be liquid – please open the jar gently & upright to avoid spillage. 



Cuticle conditioner, hair mask, face mask (combine with honey), lip moisturiser, body scrub (mix with sugar & a drop of essential oil), makeup remover (apply & remove with a warm damp cloth), bath oil, massage oil, healing chafing, heel softener, healing cracked nipples when breastfeeding, nappy rash, cradle cap, baby massage.

Research suggests virgin coconut oil aids in the repair of mild skin irritations, helps prevent free radical skin damage, & maintains skin cell water-ion balance.


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