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P.Louise Believe In The Bristles 20 Piece Brush


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Getting glam takes a few ingredients and just a pinch of trust, believing in the bristles before you, fluffy fibres are a must! 

With every sweep and stipple, with every pat and blend, a look forms before you, trusting the process, perfected in the end. 

Remember it’s not just your makeup that helps you look your best, an artist is only as good as their tools, so put your brushes to the test. 

F38 soft sculpting brush = A uniquely shaped face sculpting brush. Specially designed for sculpting and shaping every curve and contour of the face.

- F32 angled stippling brush = An angled stippling kabuki brush, perfect for a lightweight and subtle coverage foundation finish.

- F33 pinched powder = a rounded pinched powder brush, with super soft synthetic bristles for a flawless airbrushed skin finish. 

- F34 angled contour = a percent angled contour brush, specially designed to fit the contours of the face for soft sculpted cheekbones.

- F35 medium rounded concealer = a medium  sized rounded concealer brush, made with soft synthetic fibered perfect for an airbrushed under-eye concealer application. 

- F36 petite concealer brush = a soft petite concealer brush, ideal for a more subtle and light coverage under-eye finish. 

- F37 flexible highlighter brush = a soft and flexible fibres highlighter brush, specially designed to seamlessly and naturally enhance the highest points of the face. 

- F31 large face powder brush = a larger face powder brush, with a pinched handle and flat edges for a flawless full coverage application. 

- E27 medium multi-brush = a medium multi-use blending brush. Perfect for blending both powders and creams on the eye.

- E24 medium angled multi-brush = a medium angled multi-use buffing brush. Perfect for blending both creams and powders on the eye. 

- E22 medium soft blender brush = a medium sized soft synthetic blending brush, perfect for diffusing eyeshadows.

- E23 rounded pencil brush = a small rounded pencil brush, ideal for blending cream and powders products for the perfect smokey liner or under-eye.

- E25 petite packer brush = a petite flat but fluffy packer brush, ideal for applying pigments to the lid or smoking out the under-eye with shadows. 

- E26 angled packer brush = a petite angled packer brush, perfect for applying pigments or smoking out shadows.

- E28 flat fluffy diffuser brush = a flat yet super fluffy diffusing brush with super soft synthetic fibres for a seamless intense shadow application in the crease. 

- E29 short flat smudger brush = a short a dense smudger brush, used for smokey liners or under-eye shadows to create intense colour pay off with the perfect precision. 

- E30 long flat packer brush = a flat fluffy packing brush with longer bristles for a diffused finish.

- E31 petite lip brush = a flat petite lip brush with a tapered tip for a controlled and precise lip application. 

- E32 dome pencil brush = a small fluffy dome shaped pencil brush, perfect for those sultry smokey liners. 

- E33 dual-ended brow brush = a double-ended angled brow brush with soft spoolie brush, the perfect tool for creating perfectly defined brows.