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P.Louise Hold You Down Brow Fix


$34.00 AUD

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Don’t dwell on who let's you down cherish those who hold you up

Just like your brows the very things that hold you down in life are going to lift you up.

Meet the newest addition to our line of baddass brow products,

Hold you Down is a wet gel formula that delivers a quick lifted result without the inconvenience of a lengthy dry time. The gel is clear and provides a traceless and undetectable finish, perfect for those that want to achieve a temporary lamination to the brows without the telltale signs that the brows are overloaded with product. Hold you Down can be used either to softly lift the brows into a fluffy position or lifted up and pressed flat against the skin dramatically for a bigger impact.

* Quick Dry Formula

* Matte to the touch

* Invisible Finish

Collections: Eyes + Brows, Gifts, Makeup

Type: Brow Balm