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REMEDICA Oleo Nutrative Serum Olive Squalane


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A clear, light and extremely fast absorbing oil for All Skin Types. Olive Squalane (INCI: Squalane) REMEDICa formulates with olive squalane in conjunction with Australian Organic Golden Jojoba oil in our oleo.visage nutritive serums due to its lightness, sebum like qualities and incredibly fast absorption. Squalane is an olive fraction of Olive Oil and its molecular structure, like that of Jojoba is very similar to that of sebum, making it invaluable for assisting with the balancing and restoring of the natural moisturising factor (NMF) of skin. Especially suitable for dry, dehydrated sensitive skin and skin which suffers oily or dry acne.

Oily skin – often the case of oily skin is “dry skin that produces excess sebum”. To help curb this in balance, I often recommend a few drops of either the oleo serum clair.visage (for hydration and balancing) or in the case of very oily /irritated skin, a few drops of squalane IMMEDIATELY AFTER WASHING THE SKIN/FACE. This will help, a) immediately restore lost oil from the skin and b) assist with the reinstatement of a healthier pH, which by the way WILL be raised or lowered no matter what type of cleanser or soap you use!

Dry and Irritated skin – applying squalane to a slightly damp skin after cleansing is the perfect way to restore lost lipids and help rebuild a healthy acid mantle by establishing the water/oil balance again. I often suggest after a week of using squalane day and night after washing that the skin will start to show great improvement in its ability to a) absorb other skin care moisturisers and serums and b) start to regulate its own sebum flow.

After Shaving for Men – a great way to get an instant relief from irritated, dry or tight feeling skin after shaving is to apply a few drops of squalane immediately after rinsing the skin. The application of squalane after shaving may also reduce the occurrence of annoying bumps and congestion from pore irritation.

Fine and delicate skin will also benefit from the use of squalane as quite often those with a finer complexion tend to stay clear of many oils and lubricants fearing a greasy or aggressive oiliness or clogged pores. Of course peanut oil from the pantry probably will not be such a good choice, but squalane is the perfect solution for supporting the skins ability to retain moisture and delay the signs of aging often caused by dehydration due to low NMF content.

Very hot /humid climates. Finally for those that live in oppressively hot climates where the use of any major oil or moisturiser is almost unbearable…well a lot of these folk will too end up having an oily but inherently dry or dehydrated skin. By adding squalane in pure form to their daily skin regime, a more supple, hydrated and smooth complexion is possible without the greasy or uncomfortable feeling of smothering the skin.


REMEDICA has been formulating with pure olive squalane for many years. We incorporate squalane as one of the key ingredients along with lecithin and tamanu oil in the oleo serum sensitive.visage or in its pure form sold as 30ml with a dropper for easy application.

Not only is this ingredient an absolute necessity in one form or another for healthy skin but it is also a joy to use as supplement to your everyday skin care regime.

There are so many articles and studies on the benefits of squalane as a NMF so don’t feel you have to take my word for it. Look it up and read as much as you can. This may save you a whole lot of time, sanity and most importantly so much money in the long run.


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