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REMEDICA Pure Tahitian Tamanu Oil (UNREFINED) 40ml


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An extraordinary oil containing high levels of Essential Fatty Acids and exhibiting an outstanding anti inflammatory and healing effect on all skin.

Tamanu Oil (inci: Calophyllum Inophyllum)

The pure oil of the Pacific Tamanu Tree has long been used traditionally to assist with the surface or cosmetic appearance of scars and may help calm skin.

Hydrating and regenerating, and loaded with Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs and Unique OFAs that rival that of Rosehip oil), Tamanu oil has a traditional history of use to improve the look and condition of damaged and dehydrated skin.

REMEDICA Australia formulates exclusively with this highly prized UNREFINED form of Tamanu Oil. It is present in our oleo nutritive serum, sensitive.visage to help improve the skins ability to stay supple and hydrated by way of of assisting with balancing and normalising the protective acid mantle and smooth flaky, rough skin surfaces.

Our Unrefined Tamanu Oil is thick but quickly absorbed green coloured oil with a distinctive “moss” type odour. Please note this is normal and indicates the high quality of its natural state.

Suitable for: normal to dry skin, irritated and sensitive skin (not including acne rosacea),

Tahitian/ Polynesian Sourced.

High in Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) and vegetable proteins make this oil the perfect emollient for skin soothing and recovery.


For Face: Apply a small amount over effected area day or night.

For Body: Apply a small amount over effected area . Massage and allow to absorb.

Babies: Apply a small amount where sensitive, damaged or flaky skin exists. Excellent in conjunction with Richesse Shea and Aloe Balm for a more concentrated effect on fragile skin that is not retaining moisture or needs a superior moisture barrier.

Warm skin with warm, damp cloth then apply Tamanu Oil directly on effected area. Apply Shea and Aloe Balm directly over Tamanu oil and allow to absorb naturally.

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