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REMEDICA Richesse Anago (Black Soap) Cleansing Paste (120g)


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Free of fragrance, sodium hydroxide, animal fats or synthetics of any kind, this is truly an amazing product. Unlike anything on the market commercially, unique, rich cleansing texture, dense lather yet 100% synthetic free. Non fragranced, mild pH and cleanses from head to toe.

This wonderful cleansing paste (African black soap) is traditionally used in Africa for washing new bornes and assisting with scalp conditions yet it is an incredibly effective and mild facial cleanser, make up remover, shaving soap or indeed shampoo.

All African butters, oils and plant matter combined with the ash of cocoa pod and banana leaf to produce a rich cleansing lather. From the woman’s co-operative of Ghana in West Africa this traditional black soap compound is truly wondrous.

Suitable for ALL skin types: Dry/Oily/Acne/ Sensitive….men—woman– babies.

NOT Suitable for skin suffering extreme sensitivity.

  • 100% synthetic free
  • Unfragranced
  • Milder pH than traditional soaps (natural lye from cocoa pod ash and plantain), no synthetic sodium hydroxide
  • Preservative free
  • Extremely cost effective/economical system


Apply with lots of water. Apply the smallest amount (1 quarter of a finger nail) and rigorously lather with ample water to produce a dense creamy foam.

Apply to face, hair or body any time needed.

If washing hair, ensure the tiny portion of anago paste is totally emulsified in the hands before applying to scalp.

For Babies: Black Soap is traditionally used in Africa for scalp conditions and new born skin. It is very important to remember to use only the tiniest amount with infants, lathered with lots of water then apply/massage olive squalane or other other pure light emollient into infants skin or scalp.


100% synthetic and fragrance free providing a rich superior lather and gentle cleansing. Leaves skin feeling soft, slightly exfoliated and healthy. Can be used to remove make up, wash hair, cleanse body and shave. This is truly a remarkable product and a REMEDICa best seller.

Only the tiniest amount is need and therefore the product should last for many months.

  • Non-greasy West African Fair Trade organic unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, cocoa pod, palm kernel, coconut Oil, – All rich emollients to support a gentle, smooth cleanse but without any greasy or oily after feel,
  • Agow Bark—provides subtle antiseptic qualities,
  • Banana Leaf—provides subtle enzymatic conditioning and subtle exfoliation of skin.

(Please note each batch of black soap from Africa is slightly different in texture.  It is usual to find small bits of charcoal throughout and sometimes there is more than at other times. It is therefore important to start your emulsification of the soap in your hands first before applying to face or scalp).