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Ultra Setting Spray 50ml


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The Ultra Setting Spray is an innovative product for make-up setting. This fine mist spray is a light setting preparation with exceptional matte and light effect after application and is most suitable for camera work.  This formula dependably sets any make-up. Before applying it to cream foundation, the foundation should first be powdered. The spray is applied thinly and evenly and dries quickly. The protected make-up is then extremely smudge-proof and is resistant to moisture.

Pro-Tip: This product is great to use on Aquacolor and can be mixed with Aquacolor to create longer wear!

Key Benefits

  • Highly moisture-resistant.
  • Non-aerosol.

How to Apply

After the finished make-up, shake the pump spray bottle well and apply the setting spray by pumping while moving across the desired area. The recommended distance is approximately 30cm/1ft.
For use on face: Close the eyes, inhale before applying the spray; exhaling softly will prevent accidentally inhaling small amounts of spray.
Apply in thin layers always, for sturdier protection, repeat until the desired fixation is achieved. Avoid applying a lot of material at once.

Work safety regulations apply in professional working spaces.

Collections: Makeup

Type: Setting & Finishing